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> Bookmarklet

Use the MyAlerts Bookmarklet to easily track products from any site and view their price history without installing a browser plugin.

MyAlerts << Drag to your bookmarks bar
To start using the bookmarklet:
  • Click and hold the icon above, then drag it to your bookmarks bar.

    Can't find the bookmarks bar? It looks like you're using You may need to enable it in your browser's View menu.

  • Visit any website with items that can be tracked.

  • Click the bookmarklet in your bookmarks bar to view the price history or track the item.

> Browser Button

Install and use the MyAlerts Button to view the price history for any product on any site. Once installed, simply click the MyAlerts button in your browser to see a product's price history or track an item.

NOTE: MyAlerts tracks over 1 million products on thousands of sites. However, sites add new products every day that may not have a price history. By adding them to your trackers, you're helping others to view price history for new products you track.